Stories that became books

Can’t quite believe it but my three stories are now books! By this time next week, children in the Philippines will be reading them! So excited to be travelling to Manila for the book launch on Wednesday.


The books are being published in the Philippines by The Bookmark, Inc. and will be available from their offices, from Fullybooked branches and Mt. Cloud store in Baguio City and maybe some other stores too. They don’t have online sales but sales from outside the Philippines are possible by emailing your details (address, etc.) and payment (in advance) covering the value of the book plus the freight charges first.

2 thoughts on “Stories that became books

  1. Hi Rachel, the books and illustrations look very nice! Thank you for making these. I will get copies of these books from Bookmark so I can read them to my twin daughters and so they can learn about Philippine wildlife through storytelling. I never knew Bookmark was open again until now.


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