Adopt a pangolin

Pangolins are facing extinction. As one of the world’s most illegally traded mammals, they need our help.

By symbolically adopting a pangolin, you can make a difference and support those organisations that are rescuing and rehabilitating pangolins. It’s a great gift for a pangolin fan as the recipient receives an adoption pack and, sometimes, a soft toy.

David Shepherd Foundation – adoption includes a print and an optional handmade pangolin toy by Little Ndaba, a women’s community project in Zambia.

Born Free – adoption includes a pangolin soft toy and supports the Sangha Pangolin Project in the Central African Republic.

WWF – adoption includes a pangolin soft toy.

Scales Conservation Fund – adoption helps to provide veterinary treatment to pangolins retrieved from the illegal wildlife trade in the Greater Kruger area in South Africa.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife – adopt Rolly and the other pangolins in the care of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife. Adoption provides fresh food, veterinary treatment and a place to live for injured pangolins and those waiting to be released back into the wild.

Animal Works International – offer an adoption programme in support of Save Vietnam’s Wildlife.

Wildlife Alliance – sponsor Sunda pangolin Raya and the pangolin conservation work of Wildlife Alliance in Cambodia.

Support pangolin conservation without the symbolic adoption by donating to Save Pangolins or the Pangolin Crisis Fund.

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Happy Christmas from Pipisin the Pangolin

Pipisin the Pangolin loves Christmas! Last year he made pangolin baubles to hang on your Christmas tree, this year he has his very own pop-up Christmas card.


To make your own pop-up pangolin card – click on the picture and download the pdf template. Print it out, colour it in, cut along the solid lines of the pangolin and the plants, and fold the dashed lines. Fold in half and place inside a second piece of paper or card.



Click on this picture for the template without any words:



Colour in a pangolin

There are eight species of pangolin in the world: four in Asia and four in Africa.

Asian pangolins:

  • Chinese
  • sunda
  • Indian
  • Philippine

African pangolins:

  • long-tailed or black-bellied
  • tree or white-bellied
  • cape or Temminck’s ground
  • giant ground

Pangolins feed on ants and termites. They can eat 70 million ants a year, collecting them up with their very long sticky tongues. They don’t have any teeth but, once inside the stomach, the ants and ground up with stones.


Click on the picture below to open a printable pdf:

pangolin colouring


front cover
Pipisin the Pangolin picture book