Pipisin Pangolin

Pipisin’s first public appearance was in a picture book published in the Philippines.

Despite being an introvert and likely to roll into a ball when feeling nervous, Pipisin now has his own Instagram and is raising awareness of pangolins and the threats they are facing.

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Collaboration with the Centre of Sustainability, Palawan, Philippines
Pipisin in Beijing
Helping raise awareness of pangolins in Beijing with WWF China.
Pin badge of Pipisin in his ranger gear, made in collaboration with Global Conservation Force and sold to raise funds for pangolin conservation.
Colouring with the Nature Club at Green Hill, Bukit Lawang, Indonesia
At a wildlife festival at the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sabah, Malaysia
School children with picture books donated by the Rotary Club of West Bay, Laguna
Donation of picture books in the Philippines