It’s not my fault: A Pangolin’s Manifesto published by Apollo Publishers

Pangolins bear an unwieldy burden as the long-snouted face of the COVID-19 virus, as they have been identified as a possible link in the spread of the disease. But what is a pangolin? A mythical creature? A dinosaur? How could it have started all of this? And what can a pangolin teach us about surviving sickness, attacks, and isolation?
With heartwarming images and witty revelations, this book will set the record straight: teaching you about these elusive introverts, the dangers they may or may not present to humans, and the threats that they face as an endangered species. Animal lovers of all ages will laugh, cry, and learn that even the most misunderstood members of the animal kingdom are worthy of a second look.

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Picture books for children featuring endemic species are published in the Philippines by Bookmark the Filipino Bookstore

front cover

Pipisin the Pangolin
Pipisin is a young Philippine pangolin. He’s living on his own for the first time and is struggling to find his favourite food: ants.  He’s scared of lots of things. When he hears strange noises or comes across animals, he rolls into a ball until he feels safe again. Then one day, he’s the only one who can help other animals that are trapped and he has to be brave.
All the animals Pipisin meets are found on the island of Palawan.
Written and illustrated by Rachel Shaw

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Diwa the Dugong
“What is Diwa to do with no seagrass to chew?”
Diwa is a dugong. She lives in the shallow seas of the Philippine islands, feasting on seagrass: the only food that dugongs eat. When trees are felled on a nearby hillside, soil washes into the sea and kills the seagrass. Diwa must swim away from the place she knows and find somewhere new to live. On her journey she encounters many perils but also receives help from strangers who tell of a place with bountiful seagrass.
Royalties from the sale of this book will support the work of Community Centred Conservation (C3) saving dugongs in Busuanga in the Philippines.
Written and illustrated by Rachel Shaw, translated into Filipino by Reynante Ramilo.

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Danao the Parrot cover image

Danao the Parrot
Danao is a Mindanao lorikeet. He’s a daydreamer and loves films and books about pirates.  There’s always a parrot in the pirate stories so naturally he thinks he should be living on a pirate ship.  But once at sea, he discovers he gets seasick.  He’s a long way from his house in Manila and goes on a long journey searching for somewhere suitable to live.  He meets lots of other animals along the way until finally he finds his true home.
Written by Rachel Shaw, illustrated by Jonathan Ranola

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Mayumi cover

Mayumi the Forest Pig
Mayumi is a Visayan Warty Pig.  She is a curious young pig.  She likes to play and explore the forest that is her home.  She doesn’t mind when she gets separated from her family until nightfall when the noises of the forest are scary and she realises she does need her family after all. Pigs like Mayumi live on the islands of Negros and Panay in the Philippines.  All the animals she meets are found on these islands.
Written by Rachel Shaw, illustrated by Ingrid Tan

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