The premier of Danao: the live show!

Early in November, children in the mountains for the Ipo Watershed in Norzagaray, Bulacan (north-east of Manila) were treated to animated versions of Danao the Parrot and Mayumi the Forest Pig.

Volunteers from Green is Good, which represents environmental projects of the University of the Philippines Mountaineers (UPM), visited the area to plant trees and to raise awareness of the impact of illegal logging, kaingin and charcoal-making.

I was delighted that they chose my stories for their storytelling session and that they had made such fantastic costumes.


GIG 6.jpg


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Find out more about the books: Danao the Parrot and Mayumi the Forest Pig


Danao in Singapore

Danao the Parrot has travelled to Singapore with his artist and illustrator Jonathan Ranola.

Jonathan’s artwork ‘The Birds’ from the picturebook ‘Danao the Parrot’ was selected for inclusion in the Book Illustrators Gallery at the National Gallery of Singapore, part of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.

On the walls of the exhibition
With Jonathan Ranola
The painting of Danao and friends was also included in the poster

When I first started writing about a little parrot who longs for adventure,  I never imagined that he would end up in an actual book, now he’s been in an art exhibition too!

Thanks to Jonathan Ranola for the photos and, of course, for his wonderful artwork.