How to help pangolins

Pangolins are the world’s most illegally traded mammal. It’s easy to feel helpless, like there’s nothing you can do to make a difference. But Pipisin Pangolin’s got a few ideas of things you could do to help pangolins…

Get yourself a pangolin t-shirt, jewellery or make it permanent with a tattoo!
Dedicated conservationists are working hard to save and protect pangolins, support them by making a donation. They are lots of amazing pangolin organisations but if you’re not sure who to donate to – support
Challenge yourself to do a sponsored run. Don’t like running? Choose a different challenge…
Raise funds by organising a cake bake
Share your art online to help raise awareness
Demand for pangolin scales and meeting is driving them to extinction. Report to your local authorities or using the Wildlife Witness app
Our everyday choices impact on the forests, the oceans, and all the plants and animals that we share the planet with. Take action to live more sustainably

Make your own pangolin companion

Like real pangolins, Pipisin Pangolin stands on his hind legs. So I thought I’d try to make a little felt pangolin – this is the result. If you can have a go at making your own pangolin companion, I’ve drawn the pattern and written what I did.

Pangolins belong in the wild. They are sensitive souls and shouldn’t be kept in captivity or as pets. Only the wildlife organisations that rescue pangolins from the illegal wildlife trade and care for them until they can be released back into the wild have the specialist knowledge to be able to look after them. Find out about pangolin conservation by following organisations like Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Rest Namibia and Libassa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Click on the image below for a printable pdf:

Visit my crafts page page for the original felt pangolin pattern and more pangolin crafts.

Felt pangolin

Christmas colouring

Help Pipisin Pangolin get ready for Christmas. His tree needs more decorations and his jumper is too plain for the festive season.

Click on one of the two images for a pdf that can be downloaded, printed and coloured. It’s free to use but if you share your colouring on social media, I’d love to see them. Please tag me: @pipisinpangolin on instagram or twitter. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree colouring page
Christmas jumper colouring page